Small Business Grand Opening  Services

“Give ‘em something to talk about!”

FEET-ON-THE-STREET-MARKETING assists owners of new businesses in “jump starting”  their new business efforts by coordinating and executing a customized, well planned, high quality, professional initial business debut.

You’re excited about opening your own business! ...Everyone will be too…

Right?...Wrong! ....However,  a Grand Opening event is the perfect way to

create  infectious  excitement. From start to finish, your event has to scream 

"we are here," we’re open,” “we’re ready to go,” “we’re better than,

different from, and more eager to serve you than your present supplier,"

and.....“we want to get to know you and earn your business.” 


AT FEET-ON-THE-STREET-MARKETING, our Grand Opening Program allows you to do what you do best…take care of the  day-to-day affairs to get your business open and running.  It allows us to do what we do best…with your imput and final approval, plan  and help you direct a customized, well executed, high quality, professional event attracting the audience you wish to reach. Our services include (vary by project and industry) such features as:

  •  A Grand Opening Plan in writing (timeline, scheduling, programming needs, etc.)

  • Arrangement/engagement of approximately 25 grand opening needs (press release and media advisories,  review of advertising options and placement, target audience engagement, key guest engagement,  “calls to action,” Chamber involvement,  media coverage,etc. etc.)

  • Use of our Promotional Toolbox techniques

  • Planning sessions so that execution becomes seamless

  • Optional onsite support,  direction, and  execution, on the day(s) of the Grand Opening

  • A 30 minute wrap up session following the Grand Opening

  • A 90 day “check up” session to assess continued business success

 Relative to the overall cost of opening your business, the packaged fee for our Grand Opening Program is the most important single expenditure of your start up and continued business tenure.  A Grand Opening is your official business debut…let’s work together to create greater awareness of your company, start to increase sales, and ensure your business success and longevity. Yes…………

       Give ‘em something to talk about!"