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Brand Ambassador Services

“As brands, you not only have to create the product, but also drive traffic to retailers. Gone are the days when you can just get the product on the shelf and it will move itself” –  Ray Hirsh 

Ray Hirsh has represented, or currently represents a variety of CPG products “already on the shelf” at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Safeway/Albertsons etc..

What does he do while there? W O N D E R S!

TYPICAL SCOPE OF WORK (he’s not just a typical “Mable With A Table”):

– a thorough general in store check of your brand once or twice/month (as you stipulate) at EVERY STORE, EVERY SKU of your brand!
-making sure that the store is carrying adequate inventory of your SKU’s
-assuring  that the product is displayed correctly
-meeting  personally with the Store or Dept. Manager to discuss your brand, and make sure it is “top of mind” and “well looked after”
-inspecting of  product as it relates to expiration dates,  damaged goods, packaging flaws, etc.
-Actually, regularly “working  the store” from a sampling/demo/ /brand ambassador perspective, resulting in some of the highest real time sales results of any brand ambassador Nationally (current references available).

“Validated research indicates that demos done in a major retail chain revealed that demos were done on about 2% of shopping days but were responsible for 20% of overall sales at the register for the year.”

SO…..Your SKU’s that I represent usually end up being twice as successful as your competitors, due to my “gatekeeping and demo secret sauce philosophy” (“tips & tricks”). I consistently produce high volume demos!

If you care to take your brand to the next level….reply (contact tab) and let me know HOW can I help you?
We could get started and show significant progress as soon as NEXT WEEK!

* NOTE: This service is only for brands that already exist “in store” (I do not do product brokerage). Also,  this service is for funded projects ONLY!